Canadian Pop-Culture Gifts

Celebrate our unique Canadian POP-Culture with Merchandise to show off our Heritage .

Why Choose Us?

The Emerson General Store is dedicated to promoting our Unique Canadian Pop-Culture Heritage. Classically in the 50's and 60's Canadian TV created our Canadian Pop-Culture . In recent years we have started to look to very Canadian Products and their Logos to show our Canadian Pop-Culture Heritage. In our store you can buy so many unique products that Showcase our Unique Canadian Pop-Culture Heritage. The Emerson General Store has been Promoting Canadian Pop-Culture for more the 18 years.

More of What We Do

Larry Jensen

store owner

We have been in business selling POP-Culture for almost 20 years. Our passion is for Canadian POP-CULTURE.  Throughout all the POP-Culture world it is full of American and British Characters.  Canadian Shows , Characters and Themes  are a second though if even a thought in the minds of other stores. 

Our other businesses are trying to find smaller under served characters and themes that we can try to build a business around.

Have a look at some of our other websites.

Asterix & Obelix are great Euro Characters  and are not as well known as we would like them to be. Have a look at our website .

Moomin is a Finnish Character that is almost unknown in Canada so we love the art and wish to share them .


Online only at this point ,Hoping to have a store with a door soon.


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By Appointment only